Eilus Vertical Blinds Walk-through

Can walk through directly without pull the blinds aside. Keeping privacy as well as filtering light to make living space more relaxing and soothing. More made to measure Vertical Blinds

Sizes Widthcm x Heightcm

Customizable Width within 90 ~ 300 cm × Height within 300 cm


Level of difficulty-Installation Need skill

Vertical Blind

Decide which way you'd like to install your blinds, inside mount or outside mount. Measure by the following instructions: 


Inside Mount

■ Install within the window frame. 
■ Often used in Bay Windows, or windows with windowsill.

Inside Mount Measurement

STEP 1Measure the in frame width
Please measure the width of installing headrail as the width of blind.

STEP 2Measure the in frame height 
Please measure positions of top, middle, and bottom. Record the miminum figures of these three, and that is the blind height.

STEP 3:  Measure the depth of window frame & the thickness of handle bar exceeds window frame. 
Depth of window frame — thickness of operating bar exceeds window frame   15cm, the blinds can fit in the frame. 


 Minimum size unit: 0.5cm
 The shape of window may not be vertical and level. It is suggested to measure three positions of height and width to avoid 
    unseccessful installation. 
 Reducing 0.5~1cm is suggested for customized width. This is to leave some space for possible alteration in installation work.
■ The thickness after drawing blinds to left and right sides hinders some area of daylighting.
   For full daylighting, outside mount is recommended. 


Outside Mount

Install on the surface, wall, or ceiling beyond the range of frame.

Can cover the window completely, hide window frame, increase covering area and reduce light leaking in 
   from surroundings. 
Can hide window shape and adjust visual effect of th space.
Common installation. The thickness of blinds after drawing to the right andleft sides doesn't hinder the area of daylighting. 


Outside Mount Measurement

STEP 1 Decide the length of blind:
Measure the in-frame width + extra width expected to cover = width needed

STEP 2 Decide the width of blind:
Measure the in-frame height + extra height expected to cover = height needed

 Minimum size unit: 0.5cm
It is suggested to add more than 7~10cm all around the window frame. The actual extra covering area depends on the conditions
the space or visual effects requested. 
If installed in the curtain box, reduce 0.5~1 cm on customized width is suggested to keep some space for possible alteration in 
   installation work. 

For installation of French window or on windowsill. it is suggested to reduce 0.5~1cm on the customized height to leave some
for possible alteration on actual installation work. 



■ The surroundings of window has to be completely flat and no obstables around when deciding window sizes. 
■ Sizes shown on the products in the shipment are the sizes including systems and components.

Illustrations of sizes of window/ curtain box


Video instruction

How to get complete sizes on installation area of inside mount/ outside mount?
How to know inside mount/ outside mount is best for your blinds/ curtains? 

>> Complete instruction