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Custom Printed Curtains/ Portieres

Custom-printed and decorative patterns. Create personalized space with ease.

More made to measure Custom Printed/Personalized

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Specs& Systems: Curtain/Portiere- Custom printed

Basic Specs

[Size] Flat single piece
Custom-made: Can be customized within 148(W) x 630cm (H)
[Material] Canvas-like / Blackout, both are 100% Polyester
[Cleaning] Use a dry cloth or duster. The coating of water-repellency or tightness of multi-layered fabrics might be damaged after washing. For cleaning, machine wash cold gentle. Do not bleach, tumble try high, iron high or use strong detergent.

■ Single-sided printing only.
■ 10cm height of tab top isn't included in custome size.
■ The color of sewing thread is white only.
■ For higher sizes, please contact us. 

Choose Material

1. Cancas-like

Canvas-like material. 100% multi-functional polyester. Anti-splash, breathable and mildew-proof and endurable. slight stiffness in the softness. Thick weaving texture, high density and high color satuation. 

■ Shading effect: Light-filteringThe darker printed color will make more light is filtered.  


2. Blackout

Opaque Sandwich cloth (interlayered with black voile to increase shading effect), effective in blocking out light andkeep privacy.


Type of Style

1. Basic(One Piece curtain)

2. Japanese(Cutting in the middle, begin 30cm fixed to seam)

Type of Head

1. Tab Top(Customized size includes the drape, but tab top isn't included.)


2. Back Tab(Traces of sewing can be seen at the upper front side)



Files Required

JPG file (dpi150 or higher) , along with AI file will be better.
File size shouble be equal to the final product size. No extra cm is needed for folding.

■ Format of color setting should be CMYK.
■ Strap color is extended from the main background color. No exta file required.
■ Japanese style Curtain (cutting in the middle), should provide 2 files in half width and note left/right in file name.

■ Letters too small might be blurred after printing. Limit of english letter is 0.3cm, which of chinese letter is 0.5cm.
■ final product size might be have some inconsistencies after sewing.
■ Extra art and plate-making fees will be charged for requesting our service to revize file sizes. (The final results will be affected if the resolution of
   original files is not high enough.) Formatting, coloring or composing services are not available.
■ The texts, graphics, files and illustrations used on this custom-printed product should be your own creative artwork or files with legitimate
   authorisations form related organizations or people.

Delivery Schedule 

It takes 14~20 working days to deliver when the order is confirmed. If the schedule is advanced, the delivery will be advanced also. 

Addictional Purchase

■ Wenpiz- Curtain PoleZolun Curtain Rings-Metallic material with black coating. There are other accessories, such as brackets and finials to choose from to enhance overall aesthetics.

Also see

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Ready-made products

No need to measure, just make sure the products can fit in the space and installation position is correct.

Some products can be altered by clients. Please see specs and installation manuals.

DIY Illustration of Printed Curtain/ Portiere

With ring clippers:

1. Use clipper to hold the top of curtain evenly. Every 10~15cm a clipper. 

2. Installation complete.

With grommets/ top tab at the back:

1. Insert your curtain pole through the grommet holes, in an S-like manner.

2. Installation complete.

Hooks on the curtains:

1. Turn the drape to the back.

2. Insert hooks evenly into the woven bands. About 10-15cm a hook. 

3. Installation complete.

Tips of modifying curtains:

A. Use scissors to cut off excess height and leave some centimeters out. Turn to the back of the drapery and put the hot melt adhesive tape at the lowest part of the bottom. Fold the drape on top of the tape, use a steamer on the top of drape and the tape will be melted and the edge is completed.

* The cutting poistion is usually 5~10cm higher than completed sizes. Turn up to the back of the drapery.

B. Making ripples: Turn to the back of the drapery and find the thread of the band and pull it . Evenly arrange the ripples and tie a knot at the end. Cut out excess length.


* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.   

* Attachment: Printed Curtain/ Portiere Installation instruction A4 Download/Print 

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  • • Unpack and check product conditions upon delivery

  • • Our on-site services or installation includes acceptance check and examination to ensure our service is well delivered.

  • • One-year warranty is granted under normal usages and for non man-made defects.

  • • When warranty period expires, maintenance or part costs will be charged after evaluation.

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