Vertical Blinds

Suitable for windows of large area, such as French window. Vanes can be stacked up by drawing left or right, and with new Walk-Through design for easy moves. By adjusting the vanes, it allows you to control the amount of light coming in and shading area.

Yarn and mesh fabrics is used as extension and connection between vanes, adding the value of privacy as well as creating romantic atmosphere.

Creating a made to measure vertical blinds can perfectly suit to your place.

Eilus Vertical Blinds Walk-through

Also called illusion sheer vertical blinds or allusion blinds. Walk through each fabric vane with ease whether they are open or closed. Perfect choice for hallway, doorway or large size window.

Cordless design with traversing wand operation to enhance child safety. Combining drape and sheer in one layer for filtering light and keeping privacy with a turning of traverse rod, as well as keep the soft and romantic feelings  

Price:From $13,500