Roller Blinds

Simple and modern roller blind. It can be a decoration, sunshade, and regulator of natural light. We are offering a huge range of roller blinds price range and also provide cordless roller blinds for you.

Plain woven fabric with lively colors, natural paper material with unique weaving techniques, black-out textile with insulation and sunshade; these versatile functions can be applied to interior designs or other requests.

Creating a made to measure roller blind can perfectly suit to your place.

Sakin Roller Blinds Plain Blackout

Plain-woven cloth with blackout gum, effective in shading and block out sunlight.
A variety of vibrant colors to choose from. With delicate quality, practicality and functions

Price:From $1,190

Emmi Roller Blinds Texture Blackout

Blackout and provide privacy. Shading gum applied for effective light and heat blocking. Having shading effect and delicate quality with colors in the room and remain practicality.

Price:From $1,190

Tiken Roller Blinds Plain

Plain woven fabrics with vibrant colors. Having privacy as well as keeping daylight.
A variety of bright colors to choose from. Simple styles for matching all kinds of rooms. Personalized indoor decoration and create various lighting effect and atmosphere.

Price:From $1,130

Zaiki Roller Blinds Texture

Stereoscopic embroidery and embossed flower patterns add different styles to the simple outlook of roller blind.

Light and handy operation. Modern and simple style. Having functions of light adjustment, shading and decoration.

Price:From $1,130

Aibo Roller Blinds PVC sunscreen

Splash-resistant PVC sunscreen fabric, stiffening and durable. Reduce glare, keep ventilated and penetrant.

Not easy to collect dust mite and stain. Easy operation. Simple and modern style.

Price:From $1,400

Zicy Roller Blinds Printing

Vibrant plain-woven printing fabrics, vivid and colorful patterns dance on the drape. Vitalize the space with diverse atmospheres.

A variety of bright colors, simple and match-all-spaces to create various atmospheres and personalized interior decoration.

Price:From $1,090