Custom Printed/Personalized

Custom Printed Service/ Printing customized patterns on the roller blind surface. Create desired ambience and strengthen the theme in the space or commemorate important moments.

Unique decorations at homes or commercial space.

Creating a made to measure custom printed/personalized can perfectly suit to your place.

Custom Printed Roller Blinds

Adjust light, shading and decorate space. Elegant outlook, space-saving, easy operation and not easy to collect dust.

For different needs of shading, semi-transparent and blackout materials are available. Four colors available for system operations.

Price:From $5,600

Custom Printed Curtains/ Portieres

Light-filtering clothes with cambric-like feel, or Opaque Sandwich cloth interlayered with black voile , durable and vibrant printed colors.

Based on varied decoration needs, two types of top to choose from for personal mix-and-match.

Price:From $1,650