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Is wooden cornice box a must-have for window covering installations? If you have tons of questions for it, you can find the answers here!

[Case Portfolio] Sunlight Harmony House by HAO Design -Waterproof Venetian Blind, Blackout Honeycomb Shade

A showcase of a beautifully-designed house in the south of Taiwan . Enhance lighting and functions by choosing venetian blinds and honeycomb shades.

All About Motorized Blinds, Shades and Curtains: Prices, Pros and Cons & Installation

A more simple, fast and convenient way to adjust daylight or scenery outside your windows is merely through a simple flick. A more safe and...

Basic knowledge of drapery -Custom-made curtains, drapes & sheer

Introduce information about curtains, drapes, sheers and other related info, including headers, curtain boxes and accessories.

[Tips!] Five applications of roller blinds at living room

Use five different kind of roller blinds to create your amazing living room.

How Do Cordless Roller Blinds Work? -Honeycomb Shades TDBU & Curtain Blinds

Cordless window coverings are safety window systems, including cordless honeycomb shades, curtains, sheers, hydraulic spring and motorized systems.
Vali Honeycomb Shade, TDBU

[Case Portfolio] Balance Your Life - Honeycomb Shades, Zebra Blinds

Top-down bottom-up honeycomb shades for large daylighting windows, flexible operations make customized privacy and see the sky from inside possible.
2020 color trend

【2021】Roller Blind Color Trends-Gray, Pink, and Green

The 3 popular colors of roller blind and honeycomb shade: Gray, Pink, and Green.

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MTM - Curtains Blinds Shades




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