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Let's enjoy this Japanese-style space created by color tones like mud gray and off-white. See how the blinds complement the space, creating a tranquil ambiance.

Wanna clean blinds and curtain? Use these tips to make blinds clear with ease!

How long have you not cleaned your widow coverings? It is suggested to have basic knowledge before cleaning, and use suitable methods to avoid damages caused by inappropriate cleaning. Let's check out the cleaning techniques and notices!

[Case Portfolio] How to Renovate Old House Into Japanese-style?  -Texture Roller Blinds

The couple remake old house where they've lived for decades. With texture roller blind as a partition, create a private space in the Japanese-style living room.

[Case Portfolio] Modern Zen-style Home: Create Peaceful Moments in Daily Life -Blackout Honeycomb Shade, Light-filtering...

Through many wooden furnitures and curve-shaped designs, not only assemble an unique Oriental Zen home but show fluent and integrated life philosophy.

No More Waiting For Quotation! Get All Price of Window Covering at MSBT Official...

MSBT offers direct and transparent prices for custom-made blinds and shades on website. Just fill in customized info to get instant quotation!

[Case Portfolio] Enjoy bachelor days with elegance! A affordable Scandinavian luxury house furnished by...

Via matching soft furnishing decorations, like covering products, cushions, wall papers etc., you can have a unique home design based on personal preferences.

Is Roller Blinds Suitable for Kid’s Room?

Roller blind is the most common window covering type in our housing. But is it suitable for kid's room? Is it safe? Let's get how many pros roller blind have!

[Case Portfolio] Recommended Blinds for High Ceiling Window! Variations of Double Layer Blinds -TDBU Honeycomb...

With TDBU honeycomb shades and double layer blinds, you can enjoy indoor lighting, shades and ventilations at the same time.

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