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Living room is the space where the family gather most of the time. A cozy and warm living room can play a vital part in strengthening family bonds. There are five roller blind application tips for you. Make a living room that meets everyone's need is not a problem at all!    📍Mix& Match...

How Do Cordless Roller Blinds Work? Honeycomb Shades TDBU & Curtain Blinds

Is your home really safe? If you had children or pets at home, safety would be the first priority concerning furniture and space design. Let's get to know cordless blinds or curtains with MSBT
Vali Honeycomb Shade, TDBU

[Case Portfolio] Honeycomb/ Cellular Shades Top Down Bottom Up – Light-regulating Blinds, The Best...

Install top-down bottom-up honeycomb shades for large daylighting windows, flexible operations make customized privacy and see the sky from inside possible.
2020 color trend

Roller Blind Color Trends- Gray, Pink, and Green

Color trend, design and even texture of window covering affect your home environment in a subtle way. Among these factors, color is the element...
Cellular shade with curtain

[Case Portfolio] Cellular Shade with Curtains, Sheers, Venetian Blind and Vertical Blind

A luxurious mansion located on the high floor. Grandiose and simple aesthetics are the key factors. Vertical blind- best for French window/ living room Privacy The combination...
Blackout zebra blind

[Case Portfolio] New House in Stone Grey Hue, Describe Lines for More Characters- Zebra...

Open partition wall to connect the living room and study room. Spacious room is divided into public and working areas by elevating floor. Zebra Blind (Double...

MSBT- Blackout Double Roller Blind- Yoka

Blackout double roller blind- Yoka is the best choice to block out light and regulate light. Sandwich cloth inter layered with black voile for good shading effect.

MSBT- Honeycomb Shade Vali

Unique honeycomb structure renders the shade hollow in the center. Help to maintain indoor temperature to save energy.

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