Easy Shopping

[Service Platform][Order Methods] ➤ Where to buy? How to place orders?

Order Methods

    1. Contact【MSBT Maison Boutique】customer service staff to place your order:
         → By email, phone or LINE
         → Instant Online Quotation

        We will arrange the production after order and payment confirmed.
        When products are ready, we will contact you for the delivery.

    2. Order ready-made product by Online Shop
         → MSBT Online Shop


※ Once payment is done/ your order is placed, the deal becomes effective. No-refund or exchange for custom-made/ modified products.


[Appointment] ➤ A shop or show room for visit?


【MSBT Maison Boutique】has no physical shop, but show rooms are available in both Taoyuan head office and Kaohsiung sales office.

2~3 days ahead for reservation are needed if you want to visit our show rooms.
You are also welcomed to bring your window photos and sizes as references for detailed discussion and price quotation.

[Delivery] ➤ How long does it take to get my order?


    1. Ready-made products (In stock): Ship out within 1~3 days after receiving your order.
    2. Custom-made products: Please allow 5~14 working days for production after order confirmation. We will contact you for the delivery after QC
        is completed. Custom-made in Japan Curtain, Zosen, sews and processes in Japan, takes 14 to 20 working days to import and deliver by
        international courier. Goods will be delivered earlier if possible. 

※ National Holidays and weekends are not included in the working days.

[Shipping Fee] ➤ Terms on free shipping? Delivery for outlying islands or overseas?


Home Delivery

If the delivery address is within Taiwan island, free delivery for orders more than NTD 1,000 (Extra-long pieces are excluded).

【MSBT Maison Boutique】offers services of outlying islands and overseas delivery at consumers' expenses. Plese contact customer service for more details.


Measure & Install

[Construction work] ➤ Best timing for measurement or installation?

Measuring sizes

It is suggested to measure window sizes or proceed on-site price calculation when all the hardware (walls, floors, cabinets, air-conditions) installations are about to finish and before final primer work start. When the space around the window is fixed, the possible measuring errors could be avoided. 

You can also choose your preferred items before decoration work begins. Please contact us for the reserved space and other details of the decoration work.

※ Custom-made orders can't be cancelled or refunded when we finish production. Alteration might not be possibe either.

※ Width and height of custom-made products are the sizes including hardwares and parts. 

※ Covering area of some products might indent due to parts at the left and right sides. Please contact our customer service for more details. 


Installation can be implemented after decoration work is over and cleaning is done, so that curtains or blinds can be kept away from dust.

Most of our producst can be DIY. Complete DIY instruction manual enclosed. 【MSBT Maison Boutique】 In-home Service is also available for booking. 

[Service Area] ➤ Send professionals to measure or install?

Area of In-home service:

MSBT Maison Boutique In-home service area:

Northern Taiwan: Taipei, New Taipei city center, TaoYuan, HsinChu
Central Taiwan: MiaoLi, TaiChung city center
Southern Taiwan: TaiNan, KaoHsiung, and PingTung city center

Online shopping and home delivery are not limited to these areas. Overseas inquiries are welcomed. 

In-home Service Hours: Mon. to Fri. 10:30~16:00. National holidays and week-ends are excluded.

Service Content: 

Our professionals provide all kinds of catalogues and small samples to demostrate operations during their in-home consultation. Powerful vacuum cleaner are used during installation to keep installation site clean. 




[Wider windows] ➤ Is it possible to install one blind/curtain for windows with large width?

Blinds or Shades- Roller Blinds, Double Roller Blinds, Honeycomb Shades and Venetian Blinds

Window width over 200cm: Along the middle line of window columns, split it in 2~3 individual blinds/shades and install them side by side. The window columns can obstruct the gaps between the blinds/shades.

Pulling one blind up when ventilation is needed. Easy and effortless operation as well as lessening the burden of systems and parts.

If you’re unsure about how to split the window width, please contact customer service and attach photos of your window, we will further provide installation suggestions.

Curtains and Sheers

The type of headrail and lengths are decided upon the environments of installation sites and the visual effects you wish to present. Two headrails can be incorporated for over-sized windows, so that the overall drapery visual is like two-way draw.



Product Information

[Free Sample][Case Portfolio] ➤ See colors, textures and installed effects in advance

Sample Request 

【MSBT Maison Boutique】provides free sample request. Customers can choose items of their choices. Free swatches will be delivered to your address within 3~5 days (Holidays excluded). 

Customers can feel the texture, details and confirm color pantone form the swatches. They can be used for discussions and comparisons during discussion with our staff.

※ Areas of free delivery are only limited to Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matzu. For overseas requests, please contact customer service. 

Price inquiry 

Using window sizes you have (or go to DIY Instruction )and go to Price Inquiry. By inserting info into the columns, the preliminary price quotation will be shown.    

Case Profolio

Many of our clients usually provide photos after installation or write articles on blogs. Our professionals take photos after installation with the consent of the owner. 

【MSBT Maison Boutique】has many case portfolios of our window treatments. For the representations of our varying kinds of window treatments in different spaces, please go to  MSBT Blog - Presentations  for your inspirations.

[Instant Quotation] ➤ Clear prices On-line

Using window sizes you have (or reference to DIY Instruction )and go to Price Inquiry.    

The sizes of finished products are the total height and width (including systems).


Quick Check

By inserting info into the columns on top of the product introduction page, the preliminary price quotation will be shown.

Precisely Quotation

By inserting info into the subpage Specs on the product introduction page, the accurate price quotation will be shown according your needs.

After-sales Service

[Return and refund] ➤ Return or refund merchandises purchased?

Return and refund policies

According to  Consumer Protection Act Art. 19  and The Regulations of Reasonable Matters as Exceptions to Rescind the Distance Sales, consumers are enetitled to 7-day trial period, but custom-made products are excluded. 

Custom-made window coverings, modified curtain poles and curtains are custom-made products. (Customize, cut or modify according to cusomers' request.)

If any defects or shortage in parts, please contact our customer service. We will send replacements or missing parts as soon as possible.

When goods are returned, please make sure the commodity must stay in the same condition when you received it. The window covering product, installing parts, inner and outer packing, invoices and instruction manual should remian intact. 

Commodity with alteration, modifications or used goods cannot be returned or refunded. For example, you have already cut or modified the width of temp shade, height of string curtain or drape , width of curtain pole or stuck temp shade on the wall. 

If your purchase was via online shopping mall or other platforms and the products are remained intact and ready-made. Return and refund can be applied via these platforms. Please contact the platforms for rules and procedures of their refund and return policies. 

※ If any apparent damage on the packaging is found while goods are arrived, please refuse to collect or report to the delivery company on site and take photos as proof for contacting MSBT customer service later.

[Warranty] ➤ Scope and period of warranty

Terms of Warranty

One-year warranty is granted under normal usages and non man-made defects or failures; no cost will be chrged at customers' end. However, in no event shall MSBT be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost, expense or fee. 

We provide full services when warranty period expires. We will replace or fix old and worn-out parts, instead of replacing the while prduct while onlt partial damage is occured. Maintenance or part costs will be charged after evaluation. 


Items Under Warranty

  • Headrails and tracks 
  • Systems
  • Drapes
  • Pulling Cords, ball chains (including tassels)
  • Bracket parts
  • Motorization 

※ Remote control and batteries in it are excluded. For items and parts not mentioned above, please consult MSBT for evaluation.
※ All products are intended for indoor use. If they are installed and used in non-recommended locations, it will affect the warranty period. For the specific cases, please consult MSBT for evaluation.
※ If any apparent damage on the packaging is found while goods are arrived, please refuse to collect or report to the delivery company on site and take photos as proof for contacting MSBT customer service later.

For places outside in-home service areas, please send products back to the factory for maintenance by delivery companies or post. Or we will provide parts and accessories for DIY replacements (Shipping fees are not covered by MSBT for products out of warranty period.) For more service details, please consult and follow advices from MSBT customer service. 


[Clean] ➤ How to maintain and clean blinds and curtains?


The texture of roller blinds, double roller blinds, venetian blinds or honeycomb shades are not dust-friendly. To clean the dust on these window covering products, use dry cloth, duster or vacuum cleaner with a brush to dust off. For severe stain, please use damp cloth to clean the stain and leave it until it is dried. Roll up when it is completely dry to avoid mould.  

【MSBT Maison Boutique】marks material and cleaning methods in the specs. Operation videos are available for some products. Consumers can understand the product features and cleaning methods before purchase. 



Except for water-proof products, please do not place window covering products in the humid environment or near water. For water-proof products, please put them away when it is completely dry after cleaning. Moulds caused by detergent or water residue can be prevented. 

Please roll up or draw your blinds or curtains when windows are open. Wind blows may cause blinds or curtains askew or tracks may easily hit the winodw frames or walls and thus make noises and cause damages. Products with ventilation function can be used in the breeze, but not gale. Please open your windows after rolling up your blinds or draw your curtains to increase product durability.