Blouk- Bracket for double track -Black (Single)

◆Made in Taiwan. Quality black coating
◆Bracket for double track
◆Suitable for poles with Ø2.8cm

Price: NTD $200  $150 




Level of difficulty-Installation Easy

Payment Method: International Wire Transfer

Delivery Method: Express Service or International EMS 

※ Size modification or additional purchases are not available. For custom-made, please go to Collection | for product specs and contact customer service.

Specs& systems: Bracket

Basic specs

[Size] Suitable for curtain poles with 2.8cm diameter. Detailed sizes are shown in the illustrations below. 
Single track, double track bracket- Iron, black coating.
bracket, ceiling bracket– Zinc alloy, black coating 


Sizes& Figures 

1. Single-track bracket
Total length 11cm(including knob at the front side), 6cm away from the wall after installation 

2. Double-track bracket 
Total length 13cm (including knob at the front side), 1.5cm/9cm away from the wall after installation. 

3. Ceiling bracket 
Total length 12cm, 9cm away from the wall after installation.

4. Bracket 
Each side increase 0.6cm after installation. (The thickness of the bottom) 


Basic accessories for diiffrent window types 

1. Width of window<180cm
When the width of window is less than 180cm, 1 curtain pole and 2 single-track brackets are available to choose from. Extend 10cm from the left and right brackets is suggested for aesthetics. Or 2 curtain poles and 2 double-track brackets to make a double track.

curtain step1-1

2. Width of window 180~360cm
When width of window is over 180cm, one more bracket is needed in the middle to enhance the structure, extend 10cm from the left and right brackets is suggested for aesthetics. 

curtain step1-2

3. Corner 
When one side of the window is next to a corner, use wall bracket instead of normal bracket, so that the drape can be close to the wall and reduce the light coming from the side. 

curtain step1-3

4. Applications of single-track bracket, double-track bracket

curtain step1-4

■ Outside Mount is suggested for curtain pole installation.
■ Drape cannot go through the place where brackets are. Please pay attention to installation position. 
■ If two layers of curtains are needed (eg: one drape and one gauze curtain), please use 2 curtain poles and 2 double-track brackets.