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Pimu Venetian Blinds Plain Fauxwood

Water-resistant polystyrene slats. Suitable for places containing high humidity. The design of refined and shallow wooden figures. Low-chrome colors creates fascinating styles.

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Specs& Systems: Wooden Venetian Blind- Pimu Plain Fauxwood

Basic Specs

[Sizes] Including headrail and other parts
Custom-made: Can be customized within 38~270cm(W)× 300cm(H)
Slat width: 50mm
[Material] Slat – PS extrusion molding, non-wooden. Headrail – Alu. coating
[Cleaning] Waterproof slats, can use a duster, dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Complete installation instructions and components attached


Sizes & Figures

■ Brackets and hardwares are included in the blind. The total thickness after installation is about 7.5 cm.
■ If the blind is installed in the curtain box or notch, the inner depth should be at least more than 10 cm for smooth installation.  
■ The covering area indents 0.2cm from left and right sides. It almost aligns with the headrail. 

System Look

■ Headrail facade is decorated with identical slats to make sure the metal headrail has aesthetic integrity.
■ Only four colors available for headrail: White/ Grey( Metallic silver)/ Brown/ Black. The standard matching color presets the similar one to slats.

Choosing Specs

1. Pulling Cord 

2. 25mm Ladder tape

3. 38mm Ladder Tape


Choosing operation

1. Cord Loop

2. Motorized Remote Control

Operation of Cord Loop Venetian Blinds

Similar with Lansin - Ballchain Loop Venetian Blinds


See More >>  Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blind

Decide which way you'd like to install your curtain, inside mount or outside mount. Measure by the following instructions: 


Inside Mount

■ Install within the window frame. Fit in the window frame.
 Simple and smooth outlook.  Reduce the area of covering window. 

Inside Mount Measurement


STEP 1Measure the in frame width
Please measure positions of left, middle, and right. Write down the minimum figures of these three, and that is the blind width. 

STEP 2Measure the in frame height 
Please measure positions of left, middle, and right. Record the maximum figures of these three, and that is the blind height

STEP 3:  Measure the depth of window frame & the thickness of handle bar exceeds window frame. 
Depth of window frame — thickness of operating bar exceeds window frame   8cm, the blinds can fit in the frame. 


 Minimum size unit: 0.5cm
 The shape of window may not be vertical and level. It is suggested to measure three positions of height and width to avoid 
    unseccessful installation. 
 Reduce 0.5~1cm is suggested for customized width. This is to leave some space for possible alteration in installation work.


Outside Mount

■ Install on the surface, wall, or ceiling beyond the range of frame.
■ Can cover the window completely and hide window frame, increase covering area and reduce light leak in 
    from surroundings. 

■ Can hide the shape of window and adjust visual effect of the space. 

Outside Mount Measurement

STEP 1 Decide the length of blind:
Measure the in-frame width + extra width expected to cover = width needed

STEP 2 Decide the width of blind:
Measure the in-frame height + extra height expected to cover = height needed

■ Minimum size unit: 0.5cm
■ It is suggested to add more than 5~7cm all around the window frame. The actual extra covering area depends on the conditions of 
   the space or visual effects requested. 
■ If installed in the curtain box, reduce 0.5~1 cm on customized width is suggested to keep some space for possible alteration in 


■ The surroundings of window has to be completely flat and no obstables around when deiciding window sizes. 
■ Sizes shown on the products in the shipment are the complete sizes including systems and components.

Illustrations of sizes of window/ curtain box


Video instruction

How to get complete sizes on installation area of inside mount/ outside mount?
How to know inside mount/ outside mount is best for your blinds/ curtains? 

>> Complete instruction


DIY Illustrations of Custom-made Wood Venetian blind


■ Tool: A ladder, an electric drill (with 6mm tail), a hammer, electric screwdriver, a measuring tape, a level and a pencil.

■ Components: Spring bracket, self-tapping screws, normal screws, plastic nylon anchors, safety hook.





1. Decide the method of fitting brackets: Face-fixing or Top-fixing.


2. Mark screw holes to fix support bracket. Make sure that they are leveled.
* Avoid placing the bracket onto the parts of headrail and hinder operation of the blinds.
* 3 to 4 brackets might be needed for wider products. The distance between these brackets should be even to avoid uneven weight. 


3. Drill at the reference mark, nail plastic nylon anchors into the wall and secure the mounting brackets.


4. Snap the front clip of the spring bracket into the notch on the upper side of the shade and press it inward.


5. Push up and level the headrail while pressing the headrail inward. Fix it when the spring restores.

* Make sure the headrail is securely locked to prevent it from falling.  


6. Installation complete  



Fix cord loop on the safety hook and straighten it. Secure safety hook on the wall with screws.

* The installation is optional, depending on your habits and housing environment of child safety. 


* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.  

* Attachment: Wood venetian blind Installation instruction A4 >> Download/Print


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  • • One-year warranty is granted under normal usages and for non man-made defects.

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