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Misua String Curtains Plain Weave

Rich, fashionable colors and sheer look. Can be used as curtains or partitions, besides portiere.

More made to measure String Curtains

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Ready-made sizes:

Width 90 x Height 245 cm , $599







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Specs& Systems: String Curtain-Misua

Basic Specs

[Size] Single flat piece  
Ready-made: 90cm(W) × 245cm(H) 
Weight per piece: 400g
[Material] 100% Polyester
[Cleaning] Wash with water, air-dried. Do not iron. Wash dark color seperately. Use laundry bag in the washing machine. 

■ With extension pole (width 65cm~110cm). Simple installation. 
■ Length can be tailered without snagging 
■ Wider installation can be completed by combining more than 2 pcs horizontally. 


Package content

① Complete illustration of installation ② Single peice of string curtain. ③ White extension pole enclosed 



1.Curtain pole 
White extention pole enclsoed. Simple installation (pole width 65cm~110cm). Or with metal curtain pole to enhance overall aethetics.
Combine several string curtains on the same pole for extension. Gap between the poles hardly can be ssen. 

2. With curtain clips
Add metallic rings to facilitate glide. It can fold into pleats.

3. Velcro
Suitable for space that can't drill or extend limitless width. Extra work needed. The side of flexible hooks stick on the wall and the side of tiny loops is sewn on the head of string curtain. 


Additional purchase 

■ Machine sewing-machine sewing velcro at the head of string curtain in advance.
■ Wolan decoration-Little trees, white/ green
■ Wenpiz curtain pole, Zolun curtain rings with clips-black coating on metal, other brackets and finials to choose from, in order to enhance overall aethetics. 
■ Flame-proof treatment-Please contact our customer service.

Ready-made products

No need to measure, just make sure the products can fit in the space and installation position is correct.

Some products can be altered by clients. Please see specs and installation manuals.

DIY Illustrations of String Curtains

■ Components: Telescopic rod.




Steps of installing string curtain, Misua:

1. Length can be adjusted by rotating the telescopic rod as pic. 1 shows.


2. Insert the rod through the head of string curtain.


3. Place the rod onto the location and rotate the pole until reaching the right and left sides of the frame and lean against the frame tightly to avoid it from falling. 


4. Make sure the telescopic rod is tightly propped up.


5. Use scissors to adjust the length if it’ s too long.


6. Installation complete  

* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.   

* Attachment: String Curtain Installation instruction A4 Download/Print



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  • • One-year warranty is granted under normal usages and for non man-made defects.

  • • When warranty period expires, maintenance or part costs will be charged after evaluation.

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