String Curtains

Fashionable and sheer designs with a great variety of colors. In addition to portiere, it also can be used as drapery or room divider.

Not easy to get tangled nor knots because of special streaks of plain weave. Length is adjustable owing to anti-fraying fabrics, which droop smoothly. Can be spliced or extended with several pieces to fit in the large areas.

Creating a made to measure string curtains can perfectly suit to your place.

Misua String Curtains Plain Weave

Made in Taiwan. Rich, fashionable colors and sheer look. Can match accessories of your preferences for different combination.

Special streaks of plain weave makes knots and tangles away.
Many ways to install.
Length is adjustable owing to anti-fraying fabrics.
Besides being portiere, can be used as curtains or partitions.

Price:From $599

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Wolan String Curtains Accessories

Nice texture and made in Taiwan. The shape of little trees adds childlike touch to decoration.
Create a relaxed and varied atmosphere. Can match with string curtains for variety.

Stainless hooks attached. Simple installation. Total length can be adjusted according to your needs.

Price:From $199

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