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Donzu Curtains Assorted Colors

Your own mix and match. Flocking material. Keep privacy without losing daylighting.

More made to measure Curtains

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Ready-made sizes:

Width 135 x Height 250 cm , $699







Case Portfolio


Specs& Systems: Blockout drapery- Donzu

Basic Specs

[Size] Single-colored drape + splice grommet at the cloth head  
Single flat piece: Ready-made product 135cm(W) × 250cm(H) 
Weight per piece: Head 120g + Drape 400g
[Material] 100% Polyester
[Cleaning] Low wash, low iron, do not dry clean 

■ Single ready-made piece package. No custm-made available.
■ Cloth head and drape package, cannot be seperated. Free to make your own color set! 
■ Can use curtain clips or hooks seperately. Also can match with Curtain Poles& Accessories
■ Height can be adjusted with hot-melt adhesive tapes enclosed. 


Sizes& Figures

■ 10cm of cloth headDrape height 240cm=Total height 250cm
■ Clips or hooks can applied on the drapes seperately.


Package content

①Cloth head+ ②Plastic hook, screws+③ Curtain tie-backs(Same color as cloth head)
④Drape+⑤Adhensive tapes 



1. Splice by buttons

Change the color set by changing drapes in the easiest way. Cloth headdrape = suitable for all kinds of methods. 

2. Grommets at the cloth head 
10 colors available, free to choose your own color set and splice.

3. Plain color 
20 colors available.free to choose your own color set and splice. 


1.Curtain pole 
Easy and simple installation. Drape splice the cloth head. Grommet ID 4cm. 

2. Curtain rings& clips 
For drape only. Can match with Metallic Clips to enhance overall aesthetics. Or use curtain rings + metallic hooks. 

3. Pin Hooks 
For curtains only. Stainess pin hooks to increase ripples. 

■ Illustrations of three installations


Variations of sewing-free DIY

Simple alteration. Iron and melt the adhesive tapes enclosed in the pack and fold. The height alteration is finished. 


Additional Purchases

■ Sewing(Height alteration)-alter the height by sewing in advance. 
■ Add one drape- a set of 1 cloth head and 2 drapes for subsitute. Choose your colors. Easy to remove and subsitute. 
■ Pin hooks-Three-prong type of pin with long shank in galvanized iron to increase ripples.
Curtain Pole- WenpizCurtain ring clips- Zolun-Black coating on metal. Many brackets and finials to choose from to enhance overal aesthetics. 


Operation/After installation

Video for removable curtains- Donzu



Decide which way you'd like to install your curtain, inside mount or outside mount. Measure by the following instructions: 


Inside Mount

Install within the window frame
Often used in Bay Windows, or windows with windowsill

Inside Mount Measurement


STEP 1Measure the in frame width
Please measure the width range of installing curtain pole 

STEP 2Measure the in frame height 
Please measure positions of left, middle, and right. Record the maximum number of these three, and that is the curtain height

STEP 3:  Measure the depth of window frame & the thickness of handle bar exceeds window frame. 
Depth of window frame — thickness of handle bar exceeds window frame   15cm, the blinds can fit in the frame. 


Minimum size unit: 0.5cm
If Buloo wall bracket is used, the maximum effect of shading will be achieved because the curtain can be drawn open to the very end.
When curtain is drawn to the sides of window opening, part of the lighting range of window will be hindered; if you wish to keep
   the window clear, outside mount installation is suggested
■ The width of flat cloth is suggested to be at least 1.5 times of the in frame width to have the best curtain curve


Outside Mount

■ Install on the surface, wall, or ceiling beyond the range of frame.
■ Can cover the window completely without light leaking in; also  hide window frame, increase covering area and reduce light leak in
    from surroundings. 

■ Common installation. When curtains are drew open, drapes won't hinder the area of light coming in.

Outside Mount Measurement

STEP 1 Decide the length of curtain pole:
Measure the in-frame width + extra width expected to cover = width needed(finial not included) 

STEP 2 Decide the width of drape:

1.5~2 times of length of curtain pole = Width of drape needed. 

STEP 3 Decide the height of drape:
Measure in frame height + extra height wish to cover = Height of drape needed

■ Minimum size unit: 0.5cm
■ It is suggested to add more than 10~15cm all around the window frame. The actual extra covering area depends on the conditions of
   the space or visual effects requested. 
■ If curtain poles are applied, exceed 10cm from each side of curtain poles is suggested for aesthetics
■ If installed in the curtain box, reduce 0.5~1 cm on curtain pole is suggested to keep some space for possible alteration in
■ For pleated curtain with crochets, patterns on the drape are different from ready-made curtains presented online. Please ask our
   staff for more details. 


■ The surroundings of window has to be completely flat and no obstables around when dieciding window sizes. 
■ Sizes shown on the ready-made products in the shipment are the sizes after flattening. 
■ Methods of hanging different curtains (suspension bands, hooks, curtain rings, grommets) makes the positions differ after
   installation. Please contact our staff for precise sizes on curtain pole accessories and height of drapes if limited conditions existed
   in the space and environment. 

Illustrations of sizes of window/ curtain box


Video instruction

How to get complete sizes on installation area of inside mount/ outside mount?
How to know inside mount/ outside mount is best for your blinds/ curtains? 

>> Complete instruction


DIY Illustration of Gauze/ Curtains

With ring clippers:

1. Use clipper to hold the top of the drapery evenly. Every 10~15cm a clipper. 

2. Installation complete.

With grommets/ strap:

1. Insert your curtain pole through the grommet holes, in an S-like manner.

2. Installation complete.

Hooks on the curtains:

1. Turn the drape to the back.

2. Insert hooks evenly into the woven bands. About 10-15cm a hook. 

3. Installation complete.

Tips of modifying curtains:

A. Use scissors to cut off excess height and leave some centimeters out. Turn to the back of the drapery and put the hot melt adhesive tape at the lowest part of the bottom. Fold the drape on top of the tape, use a steamer on the top of drape and the tape will be melted and the edge is completed.

* The cutting poistion is usually 5~10cm higher than completed sizes. Turn up to the back of the drapery.

 B. The method of making ripples: Turn to the back of the drapery and find the thread of the band and pull it . Evenly arrange the ripples and tie a knot at the end. Cut out excess length.


* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.   

* Attachment: Gauze/ Curtain Installation instruction A4 Download/Print 

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  • • One-year warranty is granted under normal usages and for non man-made defects.

  • • When warranty period expires, maintenance or part costs will be charged after evaluation.

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