Dazo Sheer

Soft and light cloth creates romantic and elegant effects on decoration.


Ready-made Width 140 cm × Height 250 cm, NTD 539


Level of difficulty-Installation Easy

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DIY Illustration of Gauze/ Curtains

With ring clippers:

1. Use clipper to hold the top of the drapery evenly. Every 10~15cm a clipper. 

2. Installation complete.

With grommets/ strap:

1. Insert your curtain pole through the grommet holes, in an S-like manner.

2. Installation complete.

Hooks on the curtains:

1. Turn the drape to the back.

2. Insert hooks evenly into the woven bands. About 10-15cm a hook. 

3. Installation complete.

Tips of modifying curtains:

A. Use scissors to cut off excess height and leave some centimeters out. Turn to the back of the drapery and put the hot melt adhesive tape at the lowest part of the bottom. Fold the drape on top of the tape, use a steamer on the top of drape and the tape will be melted and the edge is completed.

* The cutting poistion is usually 5~10cm higher than completed sizes. Turn up to the back of the drapery.

 B. The method of making ripples: Turn to the back of the drapery and find the thread of the band and pull it . Evenly arrange the ripples and tie a knot at the end. Cut out excess length.


* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.   

* Attachment: Gauze/ Curtain Installation instruction A4 Download/Print