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Can’t find the ideal window coverings items? Get custom made curtains...

We make finding the perfect blinds/ shades/ curtains for your windows easy. Get all the information you need in this detailed post.

[Case Portfolio] I want both of them! Keep high functionality...

Always waver between high functionality and romantic atmosphere when choosing blinds? Have them both by installing two layers of curtain and shade!

What is honeycomb shade? Energy saving and many colors to choose

Make your home look better and save energy with beautiful honeycomb shades. Check out our range of stylish honeycomb shades and many more today.

How Do Cordless Roller Blinds Work?  -Honeycomb Shades TDBU & Curtain...

Cordless window coverings are safety window systems, including cordless honeycomb shades, curtains, sheers, hydraulic spring and motorized systems.
Vali Honeycomb Shade, TDBU

[Case Portfolio] Balance Your Life -Honeycomb Shades, Zebra Blinds

Top-down bottom-up honeycomb shades for large daylighting windows, flexible operations make customized privacy and see the sky from inside possible.

MSBT-Honeycomb Shade Vali

Unique honeycomb structure renders the shade hollow in the center. Help to maintain indoor temperature to save energy.