Aibo Sunscreen-Grey W180cm×H180cm

◆Simple and modern 
◆Light-filtering and ventilation functions 
◆Smooth PVC woven cloth. Water-repellent
◆Non space-occupying. Not easyto collect dust mite
◆Easy and convenient operation 
◆For other sizes, please go to related products

Price: NTD $2,150  $2,049 

Size: 180 x 180



Level of difficulty-Installation Easy

Payment Method: International Wire Transfer

Delivery Method: Express Service or International EMS 

※ Size modification or additional purchases are not available. For custom-made, please go to Collection | for product specs and contact customer service.

Specs& Systems: Roller Blind- Aibo

Basic Specs

[Size] includes hardware of headrail
Ready-made: Can be customized within 180cm(W) x 220cm(H) or within 90cm(W) x 250(H)
Custom-made: Can be customized within 250(W) x 300cm (H)
[Material] PVC, Polyester, Aluminum
[Cleaning] Non-washable on the surface, use a dry cloth, duster or a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to dust.

Complete installation instructions and components attached


Sizes and figures

Ready-made Products

Simple Type (Unhidden roll)

Custom-made Products

1. Simple Type (Unhidden Roll) 


2. Delicate Type
(With metallic cover for adornment and dust-proof)

 Brackets and hardwares are included in the blind. The total thickness after installation, depending on the system sizes and directions of installation, is about 4.5cm~10cm.
S-type headrail system is applied in custom-made products with width below 180cm; M-type is applied with width above 180cm. 
If the blind is installed in the curtain box or notch, the inner depth should be at least more than 8cm~12cm for smooth installation. 
The covering area indents due to parts from left and right sides. Ballchain control: 2cm/ Bottom: 1cm. 



Ready-made Products

Ballchain loop(Safety guide enclosed)


Custom-made Products 

1. Ballchain loop(Safety guide enclosed)

2. Hydraulic Spring System


3. Motorized remote control 


4. Motorized simple pull
  No remote >> Operation Video


Color-matching Services

Ready-made Products

White brackets, white plastic ball chain. Black is available for purchase. 

Custom-made Products

Bracket, headrail systems, and plastic ballchain- Four colors available: White/ Beige/ Grey( Metallic silver)/ Black.
Metal ballchian is available for purchase to create your own unique personality and brilliance. 

Additional Purchase Services 

Ready-made Products
Black bracket system- with black plastic baldachin 
 Metal Ballchain-Silver/Black Nickle/Satin Nickle/Old Brass/Copper, Iron nickle plated
 Tassel-With ballchain loop. Design in Europe. Decorative tassel

Custom-made Products
Fancy metallic cover-Four colors available: White/Beige/Grey (Metallic silver)/Black
 Metal Ballchain-Grey Nickle/Black Nickle/Satin Nickle/Old Brass/Copper, Iron nickle plated
 Tassel-With ballchain loop. Design in Europe. Decorative tassel.
Hydraulic Spring System-Fancy type only, length of the string can be customized, Tassel- Metallic Silver enclosed
Motorized remote control-Simple type only. Minimum width: 75cm
Custom Printed Service-Semi-Transparant/Black-Out, show unique design or color as your wish