Basa Cushion-Texture(w/ filling)-Purple 45cmx45cm

◆Simple design with many colors to choose from
◆Monochrome and vibrant colors
◆Rib fabric for good feel
◆Fluffy and solid filling
◆This size is 45cm×45cm. For other sizes, please go to related products

Price: NTD $379  $329 

Size: 45 x 45



Level of difficulty-Installation Very easy

Payment Method: International Wire Transfer

Delivery Method: Express Service or International EMS 

※ Size modification or additional purchases are not available. For custom-made, please go to Collection | for product specs and contact customer service.

Specs: Cushion- Basa

Basic Specs

Ready-Made Products
30cm(L) × 45cm(W)
45cm(L) × 45cm(W) 
65cm(L) × 65cm(W) 
Weight of cotton filling:220g/400g/850g
Pillowcase- cotton, polyester
Filling-TC blended cotton, rayon 
Pillowcase can be removed and is washable. Wash and iron with low temperature. Special dry clean. 

Choosing Specs


Choosing Fabrics

This series adopt two fabrics of similar textures. 

1. Maize/Sky Blue/Purple/Lavender/Cardinal Red/Red/Brick Red/Olive/Brown

2. White/Grey/Cardinal Red/Lime/Latte/Raspberry/Chrome Yellow/Dark Grey/Celestial/Dark Blue