Amra- Linen Tan

◆Height 250cm. Height adjustable by cutting
◆Linen texture 
◆Light and opaque sandwich cloth 
◆Simple earth tone. 
◆Install with suspension bands, clips or hooks

Price: NTD $899  $739 

Size: 135 x 250



Level of difficulty-Installation Easy

Payment Method: International Wire Transfer

Delivery Method: Express Service or International EMS 

※ Size modification or additional purchases are not available. For custom-made, please go to Collection | for product specs and contact customer service.

Specs& Systems: Blockout Drapery- Amra

Basic Specs

[Size] Single flat piece 
Ready-made:135cm(W) x 250cm(H) 
Ready-made:140cm(W) x 250cm(H) 
Weight per piece: 900g~1000g
[Material] 100% Polyester
Non-washable. Low iron, Do not dry clean.
Due to detergent and pulling forces from washing, tightness of multi-layered fabrics in sandwich cloth may become loose and thus reduce shading function. For severe stain, please hand-wash with water and dry flat. Use a duster to wipe off dust. 

■ Single ready-made piece package. No custm-made available.
■ Can match with Curtain Poles& Accessories. Use poles through grommets or straps, with clips or hooks.
■ Height can be adjustable with adhesive tapes enclosed. 


Cloth Head

Strap type-Hidden straps at the back. strap height: 10cm. 



1.Curtain pole 

With Metallic curtain pole to enhance overall aesthetics.

2. With Curtain Ring Clips
With Metallic ring clips to facilitate glide.

3. With Curtain rings+metal hooks
With Metal rings accessories can facilitate glide. 10 pcs of stainless hooks for one piece of drape.

4. Curtain track+metal hooks
With walking beads of traditional curtain track. 10 pcs of stainless hooks for one piece of drape. 


DIY without sewing

1. Easy alteration of height
To iron and melt the adhesive tapes enclosed in the pack and fold. The alteration of height is finished. 

2. Wrinkle the cloth head and increase the curves 
Pull the strips at the back gently and tie knots to fix. The ripples hence increase. 


Additional Purchases

■ Sewing(Height alteration)-alter the height by sewing in advance. If the leftover cloth are required to be made into tie-backs, please contact us.
Pin Hooks-Three-prong type of pin with long shank in galvanized iron to increase ripples.
■ Wenpiz curtain poleZolun curtain ring clip-Black coating on the metal. There are many bracket and finials to choose from to enhance overall aethetics .