Veyem Roller Blinds Flocking

Flocking texture with patterns of flower and classic renders in elegance and eye-catching effect

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Ready-made Width 180 cm × Height 220 cm, NTD 1,910


Level of difficulty-Installation Easy

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DIY Illustration of Ready-made Roller Blind

 Tool: A ladder, an electric drill (with 6mm tail), a hammer, electric screwdriver, a measuring tape, a level and a pencil.

 Components: Self-tapping screws, normal screws, plastic nylon anchors, safety hook, control end brackets, and plunger end bracket.



1. Decide the method of fitting brackets: Top-fixing,  Face-fixing or Side-fixing.



2. Mark reference holes to fix support bracket. Make sure that they are leveled. 


3. Drill at the reference mark, nail plastic nylon anchors into the wall and secure the mounting brackets.

* Mind the direction of the bracket. Choose left or right side to locate control end bracket.



4. Install ball chain end onto the mounting bracket and make sure it’s securely locked.


※ The roll direction of readymade products in these three series is front roll: Ritao-Transparent / Aibo- PVC Suncreeen / Emmi- Texture Blackout, as the pic above.  

5. Bracket A- Insert the end into the bracket by rotating.

    Bracket B- Insert the end into the bracket by pressing.


6. Fix ballchain on the safety hook and straighten it. Secure safety hook on the wall with screws.

※ The installation is optional, depending on your preferred usages and housing environment of child safety. 


7. Installation complete  

* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.  
* Attachment: Roller Blind-Ready Made Installation Instruction A4 Download/Print