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Sizes Widthcm x Heightcm

Customizable Width within 50 ~ 450 cm × Height within 280 cm


Level of difficulty-Installation Easy

DIY illustration of Delicate Type of Double Roller Blind


Tools: A ladder, an electric drill (with 6mm tail), a hammer, electric screwdriver, a measuring tape, a level and a pencil.
Components: Self-tapping screws, normal screws, plastic nylon anchors, safety hook,and bracket.


1. Decide the method of fitting brackets: Top-fixing or Face-fixing.

2. Mark reference holes to fix support bracket. Make sure that they are leveled.

* 3 to 4 brackets might be needed for wider products. The distance between these brackets should be even to avoid uneven weight. 

3. Drill at the reference mark, nail plastic nylon anchors into the wall and secure the mounting brackets.

4. Snap the notch at the front of the headrail into the front side of the bracket.

5-1. Push up the headrail and evenly place.

5-2. Snap the bracket into the notch at the back of the headrail. It is securely locked after hearing the “click” sound.

* Do not press against the cloth roll in the headrail. Cloth roll might be damaged. 

* Make sure the headrail is securely locked in order to prevent it from falling.

6. Fix ballchain onto the safety hook and straighten it. Secure safety hook on the wall with screws.

*The installation is optional, depending on your usages and housing environment of child safety. 

7. Installation complete  

* Notice: Keep children away from accessories, pulling cords and slats. Any installation question, please contact MSBT staff for assistance.  

* Attachment: Customized Double Roller Blind Installation Instruction A4 Download/Print

Installing Double Roller Blind:

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